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Measuring individual interest, psychology and education.

You are trying to select a psychological test to determine potential areas of interest for students entering college. The Educational and Psychological Measurement and Strong Interest Inventory Assessment are the two tests. What would be the top three criteria ranked in using the selected tests? Explain why you feel they are important factors in test selection. Can you think of circumstances that might change your approach to selecting these tests?

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The Educational and Psychological Measurement and The Strong Interest Inventory are assessments that measure what type of career an individual would be best at. The idea behind these tests is to help an individual figure out their inclinations and interests when it comes to their career choice. There are several reasons why an individual may chose this type of testing. The downfall to these tests is they do not take into account lifestyle, salary expectations, cost of education or your personality.


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This solution is comprised of over 300 words with a reference on using the Educational and Psychological and the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment to guide career choices. Includes the top three reasons why these assessments are used as well as the important factors to consider when choosing these assessments.