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Utility of Social Psychology in Education

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Discuss underlying Theory connecting social psychology with Education

Explain the utility of social psychology can be applied in Education.

Conduct a literature review of your selected application area finding peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles, and books that focus on the intersection between social psychology and education.

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Utility of Social Psychology in Education is validated in this tutorial.

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Social Psychology:

This is a discipline that focuses on the study of how the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of an individual are influenced by the presence of other people in the society. Through the influence of the persons an individual associates with, their personality is shaped and their ideas about life are ordered in certain way. Social psychology uses, methods that are scientific and empirical in the study of the social occurrences of a person. These scientific methods yield results that are concrete. Through the concrete results, accurate findings are obtained on how an individual has been influenced by the society. Social psychology focuses on situations rather than the individual traits, characteristics and thoughts. It addresses the impact that social environment has on the attitudes and behavior of the individual. Through the shaped attitudes and behavior, a person will be able to hold unique ideas and values that will help them in the learning process (Cherry, 2011).


Education is the practice of receiving systematic instructions in a social institution; this can be in a school or university or any other setting that teaching and learning can occur. The situational variables that affect the behavior of a person in the learning environment will determine how the individual will perform. Knowledge in the basic skills and concepts about life is attained through education making the ...

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