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Social Psychology Research

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Social psychology research is based on developing answers to questions. What are some the processes social psychologists use to answer questions? Should the results of research be considered as the cause and proof of behavior? [250 word count. Provide in text citations and sources. Citations and sources should not be part of word count.] These are personally developed questions; they are not an assignment or homework.

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Here is a major online book (peer reviewed) on the subject:

Take a look at chapter 1: this is essential to your question.

One of the major issues in the process and method of social psychology is the nature of positivism and empiricism. Positivism, a child of the 19th century, stresses the simple, empirical and testable nature of all phenomenon that might be called "scientific." This sort of "value-free" approach was considered essential to being part of the "hard" sciences, and yet, this model is always challenged (Cherry, 2009: 10). The process of social psychology is based around embedded values. There is no "value free" science (at least in the social realm) since we must deal with free human beings. Cultural and ideological specifics are not just "out there," but are also internalized and ...

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The expert examines social psychology for research.

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