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Role of Assessment in Counseling

What is your understanding of the role of assessment (do you think they are beneficial or not?If yes or no what contributed to your shifts in thinking about assessments or has it deepened your understanding of the area of counseling practice?

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Assessment practices began in the early 1900's with Intelligence quotas (IQ) and standardized tests (Cobb, 2004). According to Cobb, early assessment tests were focused on learning (e.g., SAT) exams that assessed students' potential to benefit from higher education. The role of testing included tests for program accountability in the 1960's and to assess minimum competencies in the 1970's. Psychological assessments originated in the early twentieth century when Binet (1905 as cited in Cohen & Swerdlik, 2005) published tests that were designed to place school children in the appropriated classes. According to Cohen & Swerdlik, Binet's tests "spawned" what would become know as a testing industry. Ultimately, the role of testing evolved in psychology for assessment purposes that were distinguished from testing, which was viewed as a measurement tool.

On the other hand, assessment involved ...

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This solution discusses the role of assessment in counseling practice.