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Mental Health Counseling

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How is a day in the life of mental Health counselor like ?

Tell A story about , "A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Counselor." Embed into your story the significant information from this areas : Theory of counseling, Counseling process, multicultural counseling, consultation and supervision assessment, client issues, accountability,case conceptualization, diagnosis and treatment plan. Be specific, use examples, and include what you believe to be the most significant topics, even if they might not happen in a typical day. This story will also demonstrate how a counselor might address/handle issues and/or situations that are the most important and/or challenging.

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This study describes the daily routine and practice of the mental health counselor. This study describes how a counselor might address/handle challenging mental health issues and/or situations.

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An example of a suggested story: A Day in the life of Counselor G.

Counselor G enters his office at approximately 10:00, and begins examining a stack of case files---a usual routine in his role as a mental health counselor. He has worked at the XYZ Clinic for five years and considers himself a qualified counselor. In his role as a mental health counselor, he is responsible for helping with client issues associated with mental health. Counselor G examines his first case study of the morning. His client is a Native American father of three, who is experiencing mental problems that include depression and anxiety. In conceptualizing the case, Counselor G considers a number of theoretical perspectives to be used in the counseling process that include: (a) the goals envisioned for the client, (b) the ...

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