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The Challenges Involved in Multicultural Counseling

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The different challenges involved in multicultural counseling.

1). Explain the challenges when counseling and treating people from different cultures. (provide an example)

2). Discuss why each is a vital consideration in the process of the identification and treatment of mental health issues.

3). How might a mental health counselor or professional address these challenges? (provide an example)

Min. of one scholarly resource

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The challenges involved in multicultural counseling is discussed. How mental health counselors or professionals address these challenges are examined.

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One of the major challenges with counseling and treating people from different cultures, is treating these individuals from a perspective that will not be offensive to them, as well as treating them in a manner that will have the highest probability of helping these individuals to make pertinent lifestyle changes. This is due to the fact that counselors must painstakingly avoid any cultural taboos due to the fact that offending these individuals even though unintentionally, ...

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