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    The many different challenges in multicultural counseling

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    Briefly what is your response to this discussion about the many different challenges in multicultural counseling? Do you agree with this discussion?

    Multicultural counseling can pose many challenges such as stereotyping, social class and even gender. First a counselor needs to distinguish what challenges exist then explain and determine the path to how to treat the issues.
    Gender can be an issue especially when the client is a woman being treated by a male counselor. Personally I prefer having a male counselor because with my issues it was more helpful to have a male who understood where I was coming from as a mother.

    Social class is another concern because like stereotyping people can be made to feel like they are less of a person or individual based on income status or race and even spiritual beliefs. Most people who are made to feel this way usually do not continue with counseling and that is sad because the help they could be receiving could make all the difference in the world.

    In my personal opinion a mental health counselor needs to always be respectful and professional. They need to have an open mind and try not to control the situation or manipulate the session. Treat the person as an equal individual and try not to impose how you think they should be feeling based on how you are feeling about their situation. Always be flexible and dependable for your clients but most of all listen.

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