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Mental Health Theories

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1). Identify or choose one of the three experiential theories, such as the (In person-centered counselling by Carl Rogers -- Gestalt by counselling by Fritz Perls -- Existential therapy by Victor Frankl, James Bugental, Rollo May, and Irvin Yalom) and explain how it applies to mental health counselling.

2). Describe one benefit and one deficit in this theory in the practice of mental health counselling.

Min. of one scholarly resource cited with APA format

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The expert examines mental health theories. The expert describes one benefit and one deficit in this theory in the practice of mental health counselling.

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In person centered counseling is an experimental theory,and it applies to mental health counseling, due to the fact that it provides the patient with an environment in which this individual can freely analyze his or her life, in order to make the determination as to what internal and external environmental factors have had a detrimental impact on their psychological well-being. The therapist or counselor in this situation indirectly positively encourages this individual to make this form of ...

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