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Schizophrenia Paper Ideas

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I need help writing a short research paper on schizophrenia (3-4). Can you please help me? Thank you.

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Psychology is a field of study that involves the human mind. Psychologists apply researched theories to help improve the human mind and conditions that people struggle with that are not physical. Psychologist are able to provide group and individual treatment in a variety of setting to assist with the support of mental health disorders that do not require medical treatment. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor in the field of mental health and he or she can proscribe medication to the patients in addition to providing therapeutic treatments in various facilities. Psychiatrists mostly work in the private practice settings or mental health hospitals. Understanding what qualifies as mental health is important in preventing mental and psychical illness in people. People suffer from many mental health disabilities that are categorised into different categories. Mental health disorder information can be found in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which is the main book for those study and working in the field of mental health. This research paper will focus on providing a foundational understanding of the mental health disorder schizophrenia which impacts the lives of many adults from all different demographics.
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When the average person thinks of schizophrenia they may think of a person that is walking the streets lost, talking to themselves, and without support. People suffer from mental delusions of hearing voices and seeing images that are not present and impedes their ability to function in the world (Bowers, Wing, Strauss, & Keith,1983). Most people think of schizophrenia as a illness of the mind that people cannot control. However, some people may live similar and unfortunate lives but I would like to provide ...

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