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Biological basis of schizophrenia

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What is the biological basis of schizophrenia? Discuss the symptoms that prompt the diagnosis and include the evidence for abnormalities in the ventricles and the results of genetic studies. Compare the experimental evidence for both the "dopamine hypothesis" and the "glutamate hypothesis?" What is your opinion of the underlying physical basis for schizophrenia?

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A 450 word response pertaining to the biological basis of schizophrenia, including a discussion on the dopamine and glutamate hyptheses.

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Hello there,

I am happy to provide you with a brief summary regarding your schizophrenia questions. Please feel free to augment any of these ideas with additional detail.

I amended information from: Schizophrenia (Daniel R. Weinberger, Paul Harrison), which you can find online if you would like further details.

What is the biological basis of schizophrenia?

- a major indication of the biological basis of schizophrenia is that it is a cross cultural disease. Aside from being present in all world cultures, there is a relatively consistent rate of occurrence (approximately 1-2%).
- additional evidence to suggest that schizophrenia is biological and not environmental include: the relatively consistent age of onset and a reduced incidence in individuals with Parkinson's disease.

Discuss the symptoms that prompt the diagnosis and include the ...

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