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Psychopathological Controversial Areas

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I am looking for assistance with choosing a topic for my final research paper for my Abnormal Psychology Class. There are two specific topics that I am interested in: Schizophrenia and Dissociative Disorder. I was hoping to go for something controversial regarding one of the two disorders, perhaps involving medication/treatment or unusual symptoms. I would really like to have an interesting topic. I thought suggestions from a professional would be extremely helpful since you have more knowledge and perhaps even experience working with individuals with these disorders. I have attached the instructions for the assignment for reference.

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Psychopathology Research Paper:

I find those to be two good topics to explore in comparing and contrasting the factors of symptoms of schizophrenia and dissociative disorder. There are other controversial areas you may want to explore such as eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and alternative therapies compared to pharmaceutical medications with the treatment of certain psychopathological disorders. The key is deciding on the area you are most drawn towards and interested in exploring. My experience lies in clients who have experienced domestic abuse and I have also counseled their children who were witnesses to the domestic violence. This may also be another topic to explore on the psychopathology ...

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This response provides seven brief topic suggestions for a research paper in abnormal psychology and includes four references for further research.