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Classic Psychology Theorists

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1). Identify one of the classic theorists, (Freud, Adler or Jung) that most appeals to you and outline the basic concepts of their theory. Construct a 250-300 word post including the following points.
2). Which one of these classic theorists, (Freud, Adler or Jung) most appeals to you?
3). What are the basic outline concepts of their theory?
4). Describe how it is applied in mental health counselling.
5). What value does this theory bring to modern day mental health counselling?
6). What issues does it present?

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This solution discusses classic theorists in the field of psychology.

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Sigmund Freud is the classic theorist that appeals most to me due to his development of the psychoanalysis theory. The basic concepts of the psychoanalysis theory includes the fact that it was believed by Freud that a free and open dialogue between the therapist and the patient was one of the best methodologies by which to gain a keen understanding of the underlying motivations for the ...

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