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    Major Concepts Associated with Psychodynamic Theories

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    In describing psychology, what are the major concepts associated with theory of psychodynamic and its importance to the field of psychology

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    (1) What are the major concepts associated with the theory of psychodynamics?

    Psychodynamic theories are developmental in focus. The major concepts of psychodynamic theories include: (a) a consideration for the emerging person, (b) the importance of early experiences in the formation of the personality, and (c) the striving for balance and pleasure. From a psychodynamic perspective, stress is considered as controlling the person, and a psychodynamic approach seeks to overcome stress, and replace instinctive impulsivity with reality. The literature points to two psychodynamic perspectives popularized in Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theories, and Carl Jung's analytic psychology (Friedman, 2006).

    Freud's theoretical formulations of psychoanalysis were predicated upon his own childhood and his practice with his patients. His psychodynamic perspective was based on intrapsychic (mental ...

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    This solution describes the orientation of psychodynamic theories, and discuss the importance of the psychodynamic theory to the discipline of psychology