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Compare theoretical approaches for case study-teen suicide

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Ken is a seventeen-year-old Asian American boy who attempted suicide last week. He was hospitalized for three weeks with critical injuries (broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken arm, and a severe concussion) resulting from a deliberate attempt to crash his car into a tree. No alcohol or drugs were involved. There is some evidence that he has a history of depression. His parents are both esteemed professors at the local university.

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This solution provides a Adlerian and Psychodynamic approach to case study of a 17 year old teen who attempted suicide.

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Suicide is an important indicator for mental illness, particularly a significant criterion for major depression.
Often suicide can be conceptualized as anger turned inward much like internal conflict. The two theories below, Adlerian and Psychodynamic are helpful in explaining this internal conflict.

Concepts from an Adlerian approach:

Inferiority complex- feelings of inadequacy as his parents are quite successful in their careers and ...

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