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    Topics & concepts in Social Science Research

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    Please Provide advise/ help in completing the following:

    750 words:
    Write a description of a problem area that can be pursued as a topic. Include a brief discussion of the importance of addressing this problem as well as to your discipline.

    150 words:
    What is the purpose of graduate-level research? What distinguishes research at this level from undergraduate-level research?

    150 words:
    What are the major differences between quantitative and qualitative studies?

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. The solution below should get you started. Since you indicated the 2 prime methods of research I shall assume that the research you are to pursue is in the social sciences. Therefore the research proposed below is based on that. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Proposed Problem: Teen Depression & Social Causes

    In an age where EMO and the gothic counter culture has come to encroach mainstream culture via movies, music and books (Twilight series, TV series on vampires & the supernatural, increasing music of the EMO persuasion with lyrics waxing lyrical about death, suicide and loneliness), I believe that it might be of interest and benefit to knowledge creation if a study on causes of Teen Depression are studied specifically that which are related to their immediate and greater social world. The institute of Mental Health due to unavailability of figures cannot supply actual statistics of depressed and or/suicidal or suicide-victim teens due at times to family privacy as well as events being unreported being that depression and such issues are highly personal issues. Additionally, the life and social influences of the teens differ per generation as there is an acknowledged gap due to changing counter culture, mores and social situations. Teen Suicide Prevention in the U.S. relates that (2007) "...the National Institute of Mental Health believes that as many as 25 suicides are attempted for each one that is completed. That means that for every teen suicide that you hear of, there are probably at least 25 suicide attempts made. And this does not even cover the teenage suicide attempts and completed suicides that are never heard about. Understanding that a teen suicide attempt is a call for help is essential in preventing a completed attempt later."

    We are all familiar with the 'clique' nature of social grouping in high school plus the fact that the teen years are among the most turbulent and informative in our socialization. In the case of the 15-year old Irish immigrant Phoebe Prince, her move to a Massachusetts high school resulted into a mental and social torment that drove the beautiful but awkward teen to 'end it all' by committing suicide on ...

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    The solution is a 3-part 1,312-word essay that provides a possible topic for research (Teen Depression - providing a discursive background on the social phenomenon including social causes), explains the purpose and expected outcomes in graduate-level research & the difference between quantitative and qualitative research methods. references, both web and print are listed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy download and printing.