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    obtaining available data for adolescent alcohol use

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    This solution offers help in obtaining available data for adolescent alcohol use.

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    As you locate your own sources, an interesting, recent article is found at:

    Teenage Wasteland. (2011). Time, 178(2), 19. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

    This study shows how prevalent the problem is for teen in terms of substance use/abuse:
    Alcohol 75%
    Cigarettes 46%
    Marijuana 37%
    Prescription drugs 15%
    Have Tried All 65%

    Another article specifies its target audience to include college teens:

    Abar, C., & Turrisi, R. (2008). How important are parents during the college years? A longitudinal perspective of indirect influences parents yield on their college teens' alcohol use. Addictive Behaviors, 33(10), 1360-1368.

    This article investigates how drinking tendencies in freshman and upperclassmen are often the indirect influence from their parents. It assesses "the relationship between parenting characteristics and alcohol use in a longitudinal college sample." The article's findings suggest reveal that even "at this late stage of ...

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    This solution thoroughly demonstrates available data to assess adolescents' alcohol use.