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Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling

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It is important that the approaches used by counselors and the counseling programs implemented in schools and agencies are effective for the clients and students who will be receiving these services. Consider the following question that a counselor working in a school or agency may want to explore:

What is the effect of counseling for adolescents who report serious issues with substance abuse?

1. If you were granted permission to do this study at your school or agency, what steps would you take to locate participants? What legal or ethical issues would you consider as you selected participants?

2. How would you address issues of informed consent and confidentiality for participants in the study?

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As you explore, what is the effect of counseling for adolescents who report serious issues with substance abuse, I personally feel that the effects increase teens' self esteem and empowerment overall, making them less likely to succumb to peer pressure. They are able to make better decisions from the counseling.

The research also shows much promise. One article affirms:
Anderson, S. W., & Moore, P. A. (2009). The Impact of Education and School-Based Counseling on Children's and Adolescents' Views of Substance Abuse. Journal Of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, 18(1), 16-23.

By engaging in a Life Skills Training Program, the teen ...

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100 words of notes and two sample articles are briefly integrated to validate how teens' substance abuse counseling can address this social issue.

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