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Working with Diverse Populations

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Working with special populations in any field can present challenges that require special competencies. This is particularly true in the substance abuse field. There are assessment and treatment approaches. In addition, specific demographic factors such as age, socioeconomic status, family composition, and parenting styles can influence the development of these disorders and have to be addressed in the assessment and treatment plan. The success or failure of treatment can be directly related to the accommodation of these factors.
Specifically address substance abuse.
1. Explain how you would work with children and adolescents with cultural competency.
2. Describe the particular issues that might arise when working with children and adolescents.

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Culture can be defined as enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, and traditions that are shared by a group of people and can be passed down from one generation to the next. Some elements that comprise culture are geographic region, politics, religion, weather, dress, rituals, food, value of money, work ethic, family structure, domestic roles etc.

Children and adolescents of substance abusers need to be educated about what substance abuse really is and how to handle their feelings and their problems safely without using. Children and adolescents of families that are affected by substance and chemical dependency have a greater genetic susceptibility to factors that can put them at risk for substance abuse. These factors can be family history ...

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Discusses how substance abuse can affect the family of the abuser, and the challenges of working with the diverse population of those who abuse substances. Also discusses the challenges the abuser and family of the abuser may find when seeking counseling.