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Group Counselling

-What are some challenges that may arise in group counseling?
-How will these create anxiety to a new therapist? and
-What group counseling approaches or techniques provide the most help in dealing with these challenges?

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(1) What are some challenges that may arise in group counseling?

One of the challenges that can occur is in working with diverse populations. Yakonina, Weigold, & McCarthy. (2011) point out that international students have unique mental health needs as they face a number of issues including: (a) acculturation stress, l (b) language difficulties, (c) racial discrimination, (d) loss of social support, and (e) dietary restrictions. In addition, international students experience cultural isolation, homesickness, and a lack of support from American students. It is also one of the reasons that international and other students of a minority status are reluctant to seek psychological services. As Yakonina et al note, international students underutilize informal support networks when dealing with psychological problems. While international students most often seek individual counseling, Yakonina et al suggest that group counseling may offer several advantages over individual ...

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This solution describes issues in group counseling including challenges to group counseling and therapist' anxiety.