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Conducting a Weekly Group Counselling Session

Mrs. Washington is conducting her weekly group counselling session for single young adults. Karen, a lonely young professional woman, talks about feeling abandoned by her boyfriend. The other group members listen patiently and respond empathically. The counsellor allows Karen to talk at length, sensing Karen's need to express herself and noting the group's willingness to support her. Mrs. Washington reflects Karen's feeling with concern and sensitivity.

1) What would social learning theorists predict about group behaviour in the next session?

2) Describe how Multidimensional or Systems Views could be applied to solutions for Karen's developmental concerns.

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1) Social learning theorists would predict that the group would behave in the same empathetic and patient manner in which they behaved during the initial counselling session, due to the fact that each group member would observe that the other group members continuously behaved in this manner. In addition, the group members would tend to imitate those that they ...