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Proposal for Treatment Plans in a Correctional Facility

I am creating a proposal for a treatment program for a correctional facility. I need to address whether I would propose to separate the inmates based upon the type of substance they used. There will be three types of substances involved, with a comparison of individual group treatments. I also need to develop a 12-step method with family involved. Please include references.

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This is valuable work and much needed in the correctional system. As your question is general one (you have not given any specific substance you wish to work with) I will give you a general outline. Furthermore, your question does not indicate which aspect of the treatment plan you need clarification or guidance with.

i) It is a very good idea to separate the type of substance abused /used as withdrawal symptoms, interventions may be different. For instance, Heroin is usually treated with Methadone, crack/cocaine is not, etc...

ii) Treatment plans should consider using both group and individual counselling if funding and staffing allows for it.
a) benefits of individual counselling - can explain ...

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This solution discusses treatment programs in correctional services that contain elements of individual and group counselling, and family support programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.