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Rate of mental illness in the general U.S. population

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1: how does the rate of mental illness in the general U.S. population compare to rate of mental illness among criminal offenders.
2:are people with mental illness more likely to be incacerated than people without a mental illness, if so research and describe possible explanations for this difference.
3: Identify and discuss one of the challenges that exists in addressing the special needs of criminal offenders who have severe mental illness.
4: What legal requirement exists for the the provision of treatment in correctional facility.

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The rate of mental illness in the general U.S. population is assessed.

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1. About one in four adults are the estimated rate of Americans with mental illness. This is according to The National Institute of Mental Health. Compare that to a much higher rate among criminal offenders, about 60% in local jails, and 49% in state prisons. Furthermore, many more inmates display mental illness but may not be receiving treatment or may refuse treatment. (James & Glaze, 2006, Symptoms of Mental disorders highest among jail inmates, para1.)

2. Studies show that individuals with mental illness such as severe schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, major depression and personality or psychotic disorders are two t three times more likely to be assaultive as people without a mental illness. This is interesting data...For instance occasional substance abusers can be responsible for violence leading to incarceration, these individuals may not necessarily be mentally ill but may be dubbed as so and incarcerated. People with mental illness may be more likely to be in jail than in hospitals. (The National Sheriffs Association, TAC.) Some research shows that closure of Psychiatric hospitals as one reason we see mentally ill patients in jails and prisons, which actually makes these individuals sicker. This event can be seen across the board from state to state as a way to deal with housing these individuals. Furthermore, we can blame insufficient ...

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