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    Mental Illness and Stigma

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    How can we reduce the stigma and the effects of stigma on the mentally ill population?

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    1. A defintion of the mentally ill - 100 words
    2. Social stigma - 100 words
    3. Stigma Reduction - 100 words

    This should cover what you need. You can leave me a message via the feedback section if you need further clarification or you can use the listed resources. All the best with your studies.

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    Mental Illness

    Who are the mentally ill? Simply put, the mentally ill are those individuals who suffer from a mental or psychological anomaly so that their patterns of thinking, their behavior, their views and reactions are affected, manifesting in abnormal ways in reference to what is deemed normal and expected by social expectations, culture and practice. Thus, mental illness is seen as a disabilty and a source of distress for people who are suffering from it, or for those who are close to them. The way they think, feel or act is contrary to ...

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