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Mental versus physical illness

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What is society's view on mental illness?

How do some people differ in opinion?

Why do society accept joking about a person having a mental illness and not a physical illness such as cancer?

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This job contrasts notions of mental versus physical illness.

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Firstly, it is important to consider that different societies have different opinions on mental illness or mental distress. In western cultures mental illness is often seen as a weakness, or it is misunderstood and therefore feared. Not understanding about mental illnesses can also cause stigma to (see Goffman, 1963) form. Stigmatisation has occurred in the past and has lead to the segregation of people with mental health problems and learning disabilities in large asylums.

Over the last few decades both in the UK and USA the treatment available for individuals in mental distress has greatly changed. There is a major emphasis on 'community care,' that ...

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