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    Mental illness stigma

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    Stories about social problems are everywhere â?" television news, radio, newspapers, magazines, and journal articles.
    Your assignment is to find a news story related to a social problem that we have or will have discussed prior to the assignment due date that is of interest to you. (Mental Illness)

    What is the issue? What impact does it have on individuals, society, and culture? What is your opinion on this subject? The main goal is to get you thinking about the issue in some depth. Your article MUST have been written within the previous 6 months and must come from a credible print, TV, radio, or online news source (i.e. CNN, your local newspaper, NPR, WMUR, etc.) It cannot be a general website, opinion site, Wikipedia page, or from the textbook. If you are uncertain if your source qualifies, you must ask the instructor.

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    As you brainstorm for your paper, you might focus on the issue after the tragedy in Tucson. Therefore, you might explore the topic of social and legal treatment of mental illnesses in America. Using the alleged Tucson shooter, Jared Loughner as your lens, you could cite how societal stigmas often serve as barriers to getting care for people with alleged mental health issues.

    After using evidence and stories about the national case as an attention getter for your introduction and to also establish your topic, a possible thesis might be: "This paper offers an exploration of mental illnesses, legal and social ramifications, as well as a discussion of the social stigmas that accompany mental disorders, and how social stigmas hinder one's ability to seek help and treatment." What do you think?
    In terms of legal leverage, you might explain how in some states, ...

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    Mental illness stigma is briefly researched in current contexts.