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Descriptive Method Design

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Design a research study utilizing descriptive research methods for mental illness: Learned vs. Genetics. Address the following items in 600-800 words:

1.Describe the sample population.
2.Describe the descriptive method(s) that you select to utilize in your research study and explain why you selected these methods.
3.Speculate on the expected outcome (s) of the study.

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The sample population that I will select for research of this nature, would be inmates who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses within one of the state prisons in the area. This would be the sample population, due to the fact that many of these individuals have committed a variety of crimes based on their mental illnesses, and these individuals are presently receiving treatment within the prison that I have chosen to collect the sample from. The individuals within this sample population range in age from 21 to 60, which which is a wide age range that will help me to be able to ascertain as to whether or not the mental illnesses that these individuals have, are learned responses to the environment, or if they are more genetically based. The younger individuals in the sample would provide me the basis by which to ascertain if the mental illnesses that they display were of a learned or develop nature, due to environmental circumstances, due to the fact that these individuals have just entered the prison system and were usually diagnosed earlier in life. The older prisoners in this sample population would provide me ...

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