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Descriptive Comparative Research Design

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Based on the purpose statement below I need help developing an introductory paragraph that reflects a brief overview of the chapter.

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the quantitative study is to compare organizational outcomes of companies with different levels of workforce diversity. Interest in diversity issues has stemmed mostly from demographic changes. It is suggested that the United States workforce is becoming more heterogeneous (Bouville, 2008). Workforce diversity manifests heterogeneous workforces in terms of characteristics that reflect differences such as age, ethnicity, race, and gender (Robbins, 2004). Through this study, global companies that engage in workforce diversity can characterize the nature of their operations as well as the results of their operations organizational outcomes.

And based on the following research method below I need help elaborating a rationale for the research design and include a discussion of why the selected method was chosen verses another.

Methodological Approach
To address the problems of the study and to achieve its purpose, a descriptive comparative research design is uses. This design will be appropriate because the intention is to describe the strategies of the diverse in relation to organizations turnover rates and law issues to determine the degree of workforce diversity. Global companies that have a diverse workforce and those companies who do not have a diverse workforce are identified.
Comparisons are made between diverse companies and non-diverse companies to determine if the diversity-related strategies have effects on results of their turnover rates and law. To gather primary data, questionnaire surveys will be distributed among target respondents who are authorized personnel in the global companies. They could provide data on diversity-related strategies and some results of operations. Through personal surveys with managers, investors, and employees, information on how the companies recruit, select, place, and develop workers will be obtained. According to (Zikmund, 2003), this method helps in obtaining complete and precise information. It could also provide opportunity for gathering feedback on strategies implemented.

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The introductory paragraph should illustrate the entire approach that will be taken on a brief two paragraph based synopsis that concisely provides researchers and laypersons with an understanding of (your) research study.

This study seeks to explore the phenomenon of diversity within the workforce to understand whether companies with diverse personnel have more organizational commitment, less turnover, and greater employee satisfaction. The purpose of this research study is to provide information to give companies ...

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