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Action Research and Evaluation Research

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What are the differences between action research and other forms of research? When would it be appropriate to use action research? Cite specific examples when it would be appropriate to use action research. Provide sources.

Find an example of evaluation research from your literature review or an additional search. Summarize the findings and recommendation based on this research. Do you agree or disagree? Provide sources.

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If you are in a teacher preparation program, you will find out later that understanding research is a vital part of effective practice in the classroom. While in undergraduate study, it may seem a bit esoteric, but once you have an opportunity to employ these methods, you can vastly enhance your efficacy with students.

What are the differences between action research and other forms of research?

All educational research is generally divided into two types: experimental and descriptive. Each uses different designs to answer different questions. Descriptive research answers what, how or why something is happening. (EX: Why do teacher qualifications influence student achievements), while experimental research determines causal effects (EX: Do special education students experience heightened achievement in the Inclusion Model classroom?). The experimental research design can employ quantitative (numerical data) or qualitative (narrative description) research strategies, while the descriptive research design can be simple descriptive, comparative, or correlational.

Action research is in a category by itself. It entails the following: collection of data about an educational practice and outcome; reflection on the outcome; development of a ...

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