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Using Action Research and Program Evaluation

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When do you think that either action research or program evaluation could be used in your local setting? What do you think would be the best way to implement this strategy? What are the benefits over other research strategies?

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In regard to action research, it can be used when attempting to prevent the high drop-out rates with minority children in the local setting. Action research is effective in bringing forth change because the research is transferable to the problem being researched. Therefore, using action research to establish the causes for high dropouts, to develop strategies in tandem with educators, administrators, and superintendents, and to develop a plan to implement these strategies is much better than traditional research. Traditional research such as quantitative studies wouldn't be effective for ...

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This solution discusses the characteristics and types of program evaluation and action research that can be used in a local setting.

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Mixed Method and Action Research Review

Please provide assistance preparing a 4-5 page paper regarding program evaluation (case study #1) and action research (case study #2). Can you please help?

Compare the core research components of the two attached case studies, making sure to analyze the following:

The overall strategy or design, its appropriateness, and the author's rationale for its use

The strategy or design selected for this study

The problem statement

The purpose of the study and its guiding questions

The research questions which addressed the quantitative data and those which addressed the qualitative data (if stated)

The sample and sampling technique used for both the quantitative and qualitative methods

The data collection and analytic techniques employed and their appropriateness. Describe these in detail.

The quantitative data collection techniques used

The qualitative data collection techniques used

Whether the way the data were collected corresponded with the mixed-method strategy used (for example, whether the data were in fact collected sequentially or concurrently)

How quantitative data were analyzed

How qualitative data were analyzed

How the quantitative and qualitative data analyses were used to explain the findings

Ethical issues which might exist with this study and why.

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