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    Program Evaluation Tools

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    Please read program evaluation methods developed by Robert Stake and Miriam Kluger. I have copy and pasted links related to each theory. I am trying to determine the strengths & weaknesses of each assessment tool. Can you answer each of the questions I have by responding to each? Provide your response below each individual question. A brief explanation as to why you have chosen the response would be very helpful by providing me understanding. Thank you!

    Robert Stake's Responsive Evaluation

    Miriam D. Kluger

    1. What is the approach of each method?
    2. What are the strengths of each?
    3. What are the weaknesses of each?
    4. How is the actual assessment tool utilized?
    5. What is the recommended evaluation timeline?
    6. Of the two, which evaluation tool would you use? Why?

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    1. What is the approach of each method?

    The approach to program evaluation is predicated upon an evaluative model that is specifically used in the role of education and utilizes two approaches that are time consuming for effectively evaluating an organization. One of these approaches is used as an approach for regional accrediting associations for secondary schools and colleges in the United States. This approach is possible to spot opportunity and strength much faster. The other approach in the program evaluation model is the pretest/post-test model, which is more flexible with the focus of attention of this model primarily on student performance.

    Responsive evaluation is an approach that in comparison to program evaluation methods is more oriented toward action research because it can be immediately applied to the research problem. Responsiveness to key issues is the key feature with a design framework that is slowly developed and able to be flexible to adapt to different goals and data that ...

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    Program Evaluation Tools