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    Discussing Research Process

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    A company is considering creating and selling a new soda. Create a report explaining the research process that should be used by the company to make this decision.

    Your report should answer the following questions:

    What is the research question?
    What is the proposed research?
    How would you design the research project?
    What data would you collect and how would you prepare that data?
    How would you analyze and interpret the data?
    How would you report the results?

    Submit your report in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document.

    Cite sources you use in the APA format on a separate page."

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    A Research Proposal

    Background of the Study
    The company is in the process of determining product features and the corresponding marketing strategies that may be utilized for a new soda that it intends to offer in the market. To come up with the decision, a research must be conducted that will answer the following research questions:

    1. What is the profile of the target customers as to: a) age, b) gender, c) occupation, d) civil status, d) size of family, and e) most recent heath problem of any family member?
    2. What product features do the respondents look for in a soda beverage in terms of a) sugar content, b) basic ingredients, c) health benefits, and d) product image?
    3. What are the common reasons and objectives of the respondents in their decision to purchase or not to purchase soda beverages?
    4. What effects do the following marketing strategies in the target customers' decision to purchase or not to purchase soda beverages?
    4.1 Brand name,
    4.2 Packaging,
    4.3 Channels of distribution,
    4.4 Promotions, and
    4.5 Pricing?
    5. Are there differences in the product features ...

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