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    Qualitative Research Design Questions

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    I need help answering the following qualitative questions:
    1. Discuss at least three different data collection methods used in qualitative research. When would they be appropriate? What are the limitations inherent in those methods?
    2. I also need help discussing the common characteristics and phases of qualitative research?
    3. Differentiate between the various approaches to qualitative inquiry used throughout the research process.
    4. Address ethical issues that are inherent in qualitative research.
    5. Evaluate the efficacy of data collection procedures for gathering appropriate information that addresses emerging research questions.
    6. Devise a purposeful strategy for analyzing and representing qualitative data.
    7. I also need help designing a qualitative study that is logically consistent across its research elements.

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    This post discussed the three different data collection methods, characteristics of qualitative research and different types of approaches to qualitative inquiry used throughout the research process.