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Qualitative Research Design

What are the strategic choices and steps involved in developing a qualitative research design. Specifically, pay attention to the steps necessary for conducting interview research and provide discussion of APA requirements for clear, scholarly writing.

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The first strategic choice in developing a qualitative research design is the setting. In qualitative research data is collected in the field at the site where participants experience the issue under study. The choice of how data is collected, from whom, and in what setting is the first choice.
The second strategic choice is the method that the researcher will use. Usually the researcher will himself examine documents, observe behavior, or interview participants.
The third strategic choice is the selection of methods that will be used by the qualitative researcher. In qualitative research the researcher uses more than one method. A combination of interviewing, observing and documents may be used.
The fourth strategic choice is the reasoning method that will be selected by the researcher. He may choose inductive or deductive logic. He may build patterns, categories, and themes by organizing data into units of information (1).
The fifth strategic choice is the manner in which participant meanings will be grouped. These are the perspectives of the participants in the study.
The fifth strategic choice is the emerging design. The initial design will not be ...

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