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    Qualitative Design Chart: Information Literacy

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    Researchers have a variety of research designs from which to choose within the qualitative methodologies. I have to create a chart where I list the different designs that I might consider for a qualitative study and the type of data collection you might include. For instance, I might list case studies for the design, and interviews for the data collection. Your chart should include at least four distinct types of qualitative research design.

    I was thinking about leadership within the organization or Information Literacy.

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    From an individual case study to an extensive interview, the ability to analyze the nature of a phenomenon using qualitative research designs is predicated upon in depth analysis that requires a vested interest in the research from the researcher. Case studies, interviews and survey designs are the most commonly used methods. Observations will also be instrumental for qualitative research designs.

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    Qualitative design chart information literacy is examined. Qualitative research design is analyzed.