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    Relationship Between Information Literacy and the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Model

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    Analyze and evaluate the relationship between information literacy as described in the literature and each aspect of the scholarship, practice, and leadership model in your professional context. Use the SPL model as a criterion for your analysis and evaluation.

    Explain the topic of information literacy as critical to your doctoral success.
    Describe the findings of your analysis.
    State your analytical framework as derived from your analysis.
    Explain the assumptions underlying your conclusions (evaluation).
    Support your conclusions with informed, reasoned judgments that draw upon evidence from the literature.

    Consider the questions below to guide your analysis:
    •What would a leader look like with no scholarly background?
    •What would a practitioner look like with no leadership skills?

    Consider the questions below to guide your evaluation:
    •What if scholars had minimal access to information literacy materials?
    •What is something that you're doing that relates to information literacy? How does it connect to the SPL model?
    •What is the value of SPL access to information literacy?

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    The integral relationship among information literacy, scholarship, practice, and leadership is essential to demonstrate one's professionalism and expertise.

    First, information literacy is critical since it enriches ones knowledge foundation and allows one to use research to justify assertions and insights. If scholars had merely minimal access to information literacy materials, then he or she would not be able to offer the quantitative basis to verify one's works.

    Next, practice is also an essential part because it helps to apply the research and literacy to the real world and make one's findings more valid, applicable, relevant, and qualitative in scope. Experts also maintain this premise:

    GOOD, D. J., & SHARMA, G. (2010). A Little More Rigidity: Firming the Construct of Leader Flexibility. Journal Of Change Management, 10(2), 155-174.

    The authors reiterate that " increased flexibility is a vital individual capacity in the management of modern organizations (157).

    In general, the value of SPL access to information literacy helps to make one more ...

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    500 words of notes and reference ideas are given to validate the close relationship among information literacy and the (SPL) Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Model in general.