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Assistive Technology Bibliography

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How has assistive technology, like the iPad, affected Autistic children in grades k - 2. Can you summarize and complete an annotated bibliography of at least ten scholarly sources that pertain to an assistive technology research topic. I need some assistance with this because at this time I can only come up with 10. If you could assist me with other technology devices within the field it would be very much appreciated. Another way to view the topic is "assistive technologies for children with disabilities in early childhood education."

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1. On screen keyboards & Alternative input devices (head mouse) - Reach: An On Screen Keyboard, in conjunction with a joystick to access a word processing program
2. Touch Monitor and On Screen Keyboards- The student is using a touch monitor to access computer software.
3. Using One's Own Eyebrow to Type with and On Screen Keyboard -
4. Voice recognition software- Speech to text software allows the user to speak into a headset or microphone instead of typing by hand
5. Screen Readers - students with visuals impairments may require software programs that read what is on the computer monitor. Several programs may be used. JAWS is one example
5. Word prediction software - helps to increase writing efficiency. Word prediction software, such as Cowriter, Reach, and EZ keys, provides possible word choices as the person types.
6.Talking word processors, such as Write Out Loud, can speak letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs.
7. AlphaSmart - a portable word processor that allow students to compose writing assignments.
8. Adapted tape recorders - a note taking device student can use to tape lectures for future reference. Some tape recorders are specially designed for easy access and use.
9. Transmitting notes from the whiteboard to a computer - Several devices and programs that allow notes written on a white board or chalk board to be transmitted directly to a student's ...

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Here are some of the most commonly used assistive technology and devices for students with limited abilities in the classroom. The expert has purposefully listed the resources for a bibliography that can be used and revised for performance or problem solving considerations.