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Assistive Technology for Special Education

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Assistive technology has a role in Special Education. From the passage of EHA-Public Law 94-142 to the present, public school systems have been responsible for providing each student with a disability with a free, appropriate public education. Congress strengthened the emphasis on AT in IDEA'97/2004 because of what is now known about the positive impact that well-selected and well-integrated AT devices and services can have on the educational progress of students with disabilities. The Congressional mandate is clear. All students are to have opportunities that enable them to achieve strong educational results; however, some students with disabilities require the support of AT devices and services for access to the curriculum. AT provides the opportunity for students to benefit from higher expectations and to achieve expected educational results.

In a 6-8 paragraph essay, discuss how technology can address these themes and the impact assistive technologies can have on a free, appropriate public education.
Your essay can address, but is not limited to, the following questions:

a. Why is assistive technology important to the IEP process?
b. What is the difference between the IEP in the State of Texas and the New York Board of Education system?
c. What are examples of assistive technology?
d. Will assistive technology be included in the IEP in our state?

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a. Why is assistive technology important to the IEP process?

The law mandates that students with disabilities have an Individualized Education Plan, (IEP). Students with disabilities have a legal right to FAPE, Free Appropriate Public Education at no additional expense to the parent/guardian. Within each IEP are tools and strategies that allow students to gain access to education. Assistive technology is the tool for students to gain access. The strategy is the plan to carry out the ...

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The assistive technology for special education is given. Higher expectations in opportunities are given.

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