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Technology in special needs classrooms

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Technology plays a huge role in todayâ??s classroom. It can make an even larger impact on those with special needs than it does on students in the general education population. Assistive technology enables students with disabilities to do things they would not have access to or would struggle greatly with, without assistance. Assistive technology comes in a variety of forms with a wide range in price.
Research different types of assistive technology, what is one piece of assistive tech you think as a teacher would be beneficial in your classroom and how it would be used by your students with disabilities.

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Computers and in particular lessons developed through Smart Boards and Smart Notebook software provide a real bonus to teachers who need to individualize instruction for special needs students. A lesson can be designed so that a truly interactive educational experience can be provided for the student. Students can use their hands to drop and drag the correct items to the desired location on the smart board getting the positive reinforcement of an applause sound ...

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Technology in special needs classrooms is exemplified.

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Vision and Mission Statement and outline help

How do you see technology in your classroom curriculum and How will you carry out this plan? Will you target 21 century skills, state standards,; will you utilize constructivism approach, collaborative groups, hands on activities? Mention these within the mission and vision statements.

creating a Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan that you can use in the classroom as a guide and a reference book. Please complete an Outline Page .

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Section One: Vision and Mission Statement

I am just asking for help understanding it and getting started.

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