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    Special needs adjustments

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    State a purpose and problem statement regarding the effects of adjusment among special education students in the regular classroom setting. APA format wirh references no more than five years old.

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    Special education students have difficulties with self-esteem over all and this is magnified in the regular classroom. Since the spectrum of needs for special education is so vastly different the issue is difficult to overcome. Students always tend to gravitate into groups and usually with those students with the same likes and things in common. This makes it especially difficult for the students with social disorders like Autism and Asperger's Syndrome to become part of a group and not feel even more isolated. Students with physical limitations like blindness, deafness etc. find it difficult to connect and share their experiences. Feeling isolated increases the feelings of the special needs student that they are somehow less valuable and less important than their classmates (Shore, 2016). These students are consistently picked last for group ...

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    The issues that special needs students face in the classroom and what can be done to ease them.