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How can schools coordinate a school-wide plan for inclusion.

How can schools coordinate a school-wide plan for inclusion.

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When planning for inclusion everyone that will be involved must be included in the planning process. The planning process must include answers to questions such as specific issues that are individual to specific students. In addition there must be a designated person that is clearly in charge of the inclusion effort for the school. The person in charge would coordinate IEP development and implementation, ensure that resources are available, and provide ongoing training for staff and paraprofessionals.
A dedicated proactive and committed principal through leadership and welcoming students with disabilities and collaborative team encouragement can make inclusion successful in a school. Since parents have an in depth knowledge of their child's abilities and needs it is vital to include the parents in the planning and implementation process for inclusion. By respecting and valuing parents cultural beliefs and valuing the suggestions and ...

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The expert determines how schools can coordinate school-wide plans for inclusion.