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Parent Involvement for the 21st Century

Design your own strategic plan for parent involvement at a K-12 school in which you are working or at a school you attended. Indicate what research supports your plan. Identify specific community resources that can support student learning. Describe the role of parents and the family in supporting student success. Include a service learning project as part of your plan.


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Positive parenting styles, homework assistance, high expectations, and nightly reading is the strongest support for learning at home. Regardless of family background or income, students with parents who are involved in their education are more likely to make higher grades, have less absenteeism, have better social skills, be promoted to the next grade, graduate, and go on to attend college (1).

As a child's education increases and matures, the methods and expectations for involvement for the family must also mature as well. In elementary school, most children have one specific teacher that teaches all subjects. It is easier for parents to communicate with their child's teacher during this time because there is only one teacher to communicate with. As a child enters into middle school, these patterns of communication must change because there is now ...

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Discusses strategies for schools to involve parents of students in grades K-12 involving community resources. Also involves a strategic plan, and service learning project.