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Mixed Methods Study Sample Article (Peer Reviewed)

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Why might a researcher choose mixed methods for a study? Find an article in a peer-reviewed journal that reports the results of an empirical research study conducted using mixed methods. Describe what the researcher(s) actually did that made it a mixed methods study. (Note: dissertations are not peer-reviewed journal articles, so don't use them.)

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The solution is 512-word concise narrative that presents a sample article from a peer-reviewed journal as an example of a study that used mixed methods. What the researcher did in the study is discussed so as to explain the mixed methods application. This is done so as to show why researchers choose mixed methods for certain purposes and topics. The bibliographic details of the study is included as well as an online link to the article itself. The solution is also attached as a word file for easy download and printing.

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Article review: Mixed Methods Application

Article: Transfiguration for Parent Involvement that work for the 21st Century
Author: Mary Johnson
Publisher: Parent-U-Turn, a grassroots organization in cooperation with ParentNet
URL: http://www.parentinvolvementmatters.org/articles/Parent-U-Turn.html
Full PDF Appendix: http://www.parentinvolvementmatters.org/system_files/library/62.pdf

Mixed methods allow a researcher to use both quantitative and qualitative data for the purpose of giving a detailed exploration of a particular social phenomenon. The quantitative method allows for the measurement and exploration of variables involved in ...

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