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    Peer review and validity

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    What is "peer review" and why is it important to both internal and external validity?

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    Information provided:
    What is "peer review" and why is it important to both internal and external validity?
    Resources for the Information
    Peer Review:
    The following link describes peer review from the APA standpoint. This will be a great reference for your information in your paper, plus provides you some information on what peer review is.
    The following link provides an article that discusses peer reviews in the field of psychology. In order to access the full article, there is a fee; however, if you read the abstract it gives you at least an idea of the importance of peer review. It talks about reliability, accountability, competence, etc. This is an additional resource you can use for peer review.
    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0140525X00011183

    Validity (in ...

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    Peer review is an important component of published research. Internal validity and external validity play an interesting role with peer review. In order to obtain a high review internal validity and external validity of a study are important; however, having as study be peer reviewed can further improve the external validity. Academic sources for information on these topics is also provided.