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Ethical Considerations for Qualitative Research

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An analysis of the qualitative ethical considerations common to case study

Need to examine four specific strategieson the basis of your population of interest (10 to 14 managerial position employees of a local DIY store), to minimize common qualitative research ethical issues.

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Ethical Assurances and Considerations

The organizational observations were gathered from (DIY), the current unit of analysis. As an additional safe guard, managerial names were not documented in observation notes. The interviews, however, were in a quiet setting, which yielded itself to a high level of confidentiality. The pool of participants were fully informed of their rights in regards to their level of participation and additionally it was expressed that their names will not be used at anytime in the collection or analysis process to propagate attitudes, perceptions or opinions that are in concert with and consistent with the current practice(s) of the DIY Corporation. The corporate name was coded and made anonymous. Code names were utilized ...

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The ethical considerations for qualitative research is provided. Specific strategieson for basis are provided.

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