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Developing a Research Paper on the Topic of At-Risk Children

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At-Risk Children is the area of interest, consider a research question that you could ask, that would fill a gap (elucidate something that is still unknown or could be known in the area), that could be answered with either a quantitative or qualitative research design. Consider the limitations, ethical concerns, and social change implications for your research.

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You would first choose your specific question of interest. You would decide if you want to study children living in poverty, children who have or are living with abuse in their home, another topic, or at-risk children in general. If you went in general, you would need to have a definition of what at-risk means so you would know who to include in your study. You would also want to decide what the age group of your study would be. You could include children of certain ages, such as those before school age, elementary children, teenagers, or all ages. If you wanted to know percentage of outcome, you would choose a larger group for quantitative research. If you wanted to learn more detailed information, you would use a qualitative research design.

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Developing a research paper with the topic of At-Risk Children, examining both a qualitative and quantitative approach is discussed. The limitations, ethical concerns, and social change implications of the research are explored.

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