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Vygotsky Soccio-cultural Theory

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Instructions: You will decide upon any topic that is related to human development that has been discussed in the course text book for the focus of your paper. Then, you will locate 2 scholarly articles from the APUS library that are in the form of original research that represent your topic chosen. The articles chosen must have been conducted in the form of actual research with participants where results and a discussion are presented in the article. Articles that are in the form of book reviews or literature reviews are not acceptable for this assignment. Review the articles you choose carefully - if you have any doubt or questions about the articles you chose, please inquire with your instructor as to the relevancy of the articles. In your paper, please integrate the following:
Where, when and how was the research conducted
What was the purpose of the research/article?
What were the results or findings of the research?
What can be concluded from the research? Are there any future recommendations or limitations that were discussed by the authors?
After you have summarized the 2 articles, you will write your own conclusion which should be presented at the end of the paper. In your conclusion, you must address:
Why did the 2 research articles inspire you to want to use them in your paper?
What impact or potential does this research have in the 'real world' lives of everyday people?
What future directions should research in this area possibly go?

Human Lifespan Development


Elements within Criteria

Points Possible

Paper included a review of 2 articles and a conclusion consistent with the assignment instructions. The paper was in-depth, thoughtful, and relevant to human lifespan development.

Quality of Sources
The paper included the use of at least 2 scholarly articles and the text book as sources within the paper.

Writing Quality

*Note - Popular media such as Psychology Today, U.S. News and World Report, commercial websites, encyclopaedias such as Encarta and Wikipedia, About.com type websites that do the summarizing for readers, blogs or other opinion websites are not permitted. If you are uncertain about your topic, a publication source,

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This solution reviews research on Vygotsky's cognitive development theories from the perspectives of learning and interaction.

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Note: Hi student, I do not have the text that you are using. I offered an introduction from two others to introduce Vygotsky's perspective along with the studies researched. I hope this was satisfactory. Some of the questions should come from your own perspective, such as how you were inspired to choose the articles. However, this would be tied to your topic criteria. Most studies on Vygotsky's theory are non-empirical, and the requirements were to include those that had participants and method in the article. At any rate, I found a few, In addition, when including information from the text, you should add that to the conclusion, and add the text reference in the reference list. Hope this is sufficient.


Vygotsky held a socio-cultural cognitive perspective that held that children construct knowledge through social interaction and culture. For example, he believed that the development of memory, attention, and reason involved learning from societal interventions such as computers. Through social and cultural interaction children learn to use skills that help them adapt to that particular culture and to society (Santrock, 2006). Thus, Vygotsky provided a model of learning and development in relationships that revalued dependence. According to Nye (2007), whereas traditional psychodynamic theories of development emphasize autonomy and independent functioning as the desired goal, dependence as described by Vygotsky is the capacity to rely on the "other" as an essential and on-going aspect of learning (p. 84). According to Nye, Vygotsky understood dependence on an "other "as necessary to learning and development across the life span, and could not be overgrown. Further, Nye asserts that although Vygotsky's model originated outside of the psychoanalytic tradition, it is congruent with dynamic models of development of self-psychology, self-in-relation and interpersonal theories: (p. 85).

Study 1

Using Vygotsky's verbal mediation framework, a longitudinal study (Landry, Russo, Dawkins, Zelazo, & Burack, 2010).was ...

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