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    Paper topics in Special Education

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    I have two topic that I am trying to decide between and come up with a research question. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Also I need to develop a qualitative interview guide. Have no idea where to start Last I know I will need a self evaluation rubric. Again I need help developing all of this. I don't have a set amount of questions but any suggestion and type would be more than welcome.

    (1). Autistic Children in the General Education Classroom: Mainstreaming, Inclusion and Pull Out Options.
    (2). The General education Teachers Attitude Towards Including and Mainstreaming Autistic Students in the Regular Education Classroom.

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    I think both of these are interesting topics, but the second one would probably lend itself to an easier qualitative research paper. I say this because you could actually interview teachers who work with autistic children to find out their viewpoints on the matter. When you are thinking about a research question to answer in a paper, you first want to ask about something that has not been covered by many other researchers. You also want to try to use a question that can be written about in the span of your paper. I ...

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