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Professional Organizations

* Identify a professional organization or association in a field that interests you, such as the Association of American Educators or American Psychological Association.
* Briefly describe the organization or association.
* Explain how the organization or association may contribute towards professional knowledge and abilities.
* Discuss how this knowledge and these abilities can impact your career success.

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As a member of the Association of American Educators, I am excited to share with you about this organization and the impact it has had on me as an educator.

Briefly described, the AAE organization is a "nonprofit, professional trade association of teachers and educators that offers teacher liability insurance and other teacher resource benefits." It is open to anyone employed by an educational entity. Though it is not a union, it offers members liability insurance and legal protection. It does not affiliate itself with any particular political party and does not use member dues to support candidates from any party. Additionally, AAE offers grant opportunities and scholarships. Members ...

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This solution offers the reasons for joining a professional organization.