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Hypothetical Research Paper

I need help with developing a hypothetical research paper on children and antidepressants.

I am not really sure how to develop the abstract, introduction, methods section, body and so on.

I also need help with the correct APA format of this paper for all sections.

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First, let's talk about what research is. Research is conducted to find out information about a specific topic of interest. When doing research, you are going to look at two variables: the dependent variable and the independent variable.

The independent variable (IV) is the variable that is being controlled or manipulated in the experiment. This variable is independent of any influence and this variable is hypothesized to exert an impact on another variable (the dependent variable). The independent variable is also constant or fixed and does not change.

For your research, your IV is the antidepressant. The antidepressant is the variable that is being manipulated and controlled and is going to have an effect on the children.

The dependent variable (DV) is the variable that is experimental or the variable that is being observed or measured because the dependent variable is affected and impacted by the independent variable.

For your research, your DV is the children's depression. You will be measuring and observing the impact the antidepressant has on the children's depression.

You are measuring the impact the IV (Prozac) has on the DV (children's depression).

In research you want to see:
1) If there is a relationship, association, or correlation between the IV and DV variables.
2) If there is a cause and effect relationship between the IV and DV..
3) If the IV is related to or has impact on the DV.

Your topic is antidepressants and children. To gain information about a topic it is important to go through a number of steps:

Step 1: Literature review. You want to do a literature review and read the research studies, journal articles, and other information published about your topic. You want to look at the IV and DV in the papers and learn as much as you can. This information is information that you can use in your paper. Your assignment wants you to research children and antidepressants. You want to isolate a specific topic related to children and antidepressants. The more specific you can be the better. Being specific is easier than being broad because you want to research each variable.

Here are some ideas:
- The effect of antidepressants on children with ADD
- The effect of antidepressants on children with depression
- The effect of antidepressants on children with anxiety

You could even be more specific and pick a specific type of antidepressant. For example:
- The effect of ...

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