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    Virtual Teams: Problems and Solutions

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    I need help getting started with this paper: Continue to use The Georgia Ports Authority as the chosen organization for this assignment. This week, you are being placed on a ten-person virtual team. You are quite excited and want yourself and the team to be very successful. You decide that prior to the team getting started on the project, you want to do some research that will help you identify ways to make your virtual team most effective. You may need to create hypothetical details about the team and its purpose on the basis of what you know of the organization you selected for the final project.
    On the basis of your research, write a paper addressing the following:
    • Assess the purpose of the team and the contribution of key members to team purpose.
    • Analyze four to six potential problems that virtual teams typically face. Is the hypothetical team you described susceptible to these problems? What specific problems might it develop?
    • Justify four to six viable solutions to make your team effective, including why these solutions will work.
    Provide at least three sources and cite them appropriately throughout your paper. Thank you

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    The purpose of the team is to coordinate among the ports of Savannah and Brunswick, and the barge operations in Bainbridge and Columbus. The contributions of the key members of the virtual team members make the cargo mover faster. The contribution of the key members is to ensure that raw materials and finished product flow smoothly.

    Four to six problems that virtual teams typically face are: misunderstanding from poor communication, differences in work ethic, lack of direction, and difficulty with delegation (1). The hypothetical team I have described susceptible to these problems. The specific problems that might develop are delays in shipping or trucking because of poor communication, lack of coordination between ...

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